Innovation is our DNA

Since our inception in 2008, it means serving our customers with new idea, new design and patents. Getting to know our customer’s daily challenges combined with our multidisciplinary experiences during the last 20 years on security, smartcard and powered devices bring the perfect breeding ground for new products.

Our team of PhD and engineers have been recognized best Start-up of the year in 2010 and since then participating on the most innovative ideas of the card’s industry:

  • to designed,  developed or co-developed, patented and commercialized the most innovative active card on the market such as Music&Light, Display, Audio, CPR and Biometric Card
  • to optimize and create those products we have hired the best R&D team in our office of  Saint Aubin (Paris).
  • to find new solution approaches we have set-up offices in Asia and in Africa
  • to manufacture those new products in millions of units we have invested millions of euros in one of the best class ISO 6 clean rooms and production facility in Limoges, France.

For sure we would like to continue to improve the world together with you.