About UINT

UINT is a French innovative private company dedicated to design, develop and manufacture self-powered interactive and flexible micro and nano electronics, which can be embedded into banking card format (ISO7810/7816/14443/17839).  

We are offering to our customers a single source from inception to delivery and a global presence with offices in Paris , Limoges, Hong Kong and Shanghai and our new  branch in Lome, Togo.

Our specific expertise, 30 years in microelectronics and photonics, 20 years in transaction security and more than 15 years in powered smart card, bring us a unique combination of experiences and innovations.

UINT engineers are pioneers in the self-powered interactive card world:

  • Our research and development team contributed to the launch and success of the world’s first display card, keypad display card, designing a powered electronic circuit into ISO 7810/IS0 7816 smart card certified by Visa and MasterCard
  • Since then as UINT, we have patented several key concepts and received several recognitions or awards for the Music&light card, Audio card, CPR card, MeReal Biometric card and our last Payment Audio Card solution.
  • We are continuing our daily efforts and strong investment with our brand new dedicated laboratory and manufacturing plant in Limoges, France; where we can produce today 250,000 units per Month.

International recognition

2016 IFTA (India FinTech Awards)

The India FinTech Awards (IFTA) is a platform to celebrate and recognise the best innovations from fintech companies.

MeReal Biometrics card won the award.

2016 Finalist Sesames Awards

MeReal has been selected as a finalist for a Sesames Awards in the “eGovernment" category with the biometric card developed by UINT

2013 Finalist Sesames Awards

The biometric card is finalist at CARTES 2013 Sesames. 

2012 Eurostars Project Approval

Our biometric card project was ranked 5th on 115 European selected projects.

2011 Mastercard certification

UINT has obtained 2 CSI from Mastercard for our acoustic card and gift card.

2010 International Innovation Award

CGPME 91-Essonne ICC held the 9th international trophy; Among the eight trophies awarded to SMEs - PMI in the Department, UINT was awarded the "international innovation 2010 award"

2010 START-UP of the year

UINT awarded "START-UP of the year 2010" by the opinion-leading monthly french electronics magazine ElectroniqueS

2009 Finalist Sesame Awards

UINT and Laerdal finalist with the CPR card (Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation).