Acoustic Card

One click acoustic payment

Acoustic Payment

It has never been so easier and secured to make an online purchase on any kind of device. The acoustic card sends your banking information in a ciphered acoustic payment signal that changes every time you use the card.

Acoustic Authentication

Too many passwords to remember for each sites or applications: VPN, bank account, webmail?
The acoustic card sends OTP (One Time Password) each time you use the card.


The acoustic card is also a traditional bank card with all your payment card option: EMV and NFC.
You can still use your card as before.

NFC On Demand

NFC cards always communicate when it is in a reader presence even without the user consent.
Activate your NFC card only at your demand by pressing a switch on the card.

Acoustic Payment

The card is acoustic to allow usage to take place through any microphone enabled device such as GSM, landline, computer and tablet.

When using acoustic encryption, the sensitive information (PAN, expiration date, CVV) are ciphered and then sent through sound. The encryption is also dynamic; each time the user uses his card with the same basic sensitive information, the payment acoustic signature code changes.

Thus, at no stage in the process any of the transmitted information can be deciphered and reused.

Acoustic Authentication

The acoustic message contains an ID and an OTP. Each time the switch on the card is pressed, a new OTP is generated. The OTP is similar to the random numbers generated by authentication tokens distributed by banks to enable their customers to access Internet banking services.
The account holder’s identity will also be verified by the requirement to enter the customer’s PIN number.

With the acoustic, we will be able to access easily and securely to any website or application that require a password.

This acoustic card has been certified by Mastercard

EMV / NFC / Magstripe

The acoustic card is still a "traditional" card.

EMV, NFC and magstripe are still used for physical payment or to get money from an ATM.
With your acoustic card, you can still use these 3 methods to pay and to add security for your online transactions, you can use the acoustic payment feature.

Those complementary options are independant from the acoustic features.


NFC On Demand

NFC on demand is a simple optional feature on our card.

The NFC on demand cards remains mute even if a contactless reader is next to the card. The communication is only established when the switch is pressed

NFC On Demand answers this security issue by adding 2 things.

- A LED indicates when your card is in a range of a contactless reader

- A switch to enable the NFC communication. Without the switch, there is no communication. 





Card format

The acoustic card is ISO 7810 compliant and has passed all the required tests. The dimensions are exactly the same as your banking card.


Reader free

Don’t wait for an ATM or POS to use your card, there are 8,3billions Phones reader around you.



We don’t compromise with security, your card’s secure element calculates dynamically and cipher your card information, accepted by any merchant mobile application, IVR application, …



Experience, applicable in all cases everywhere, 24/7.



The acoustic payment card is a traditional banking card. You can use your card with any ATM and make purchases on traditional POS.


NFC On Demand

NFC is fast. Fast but insecure as someone may use your card without your consent. We have added a switch to enable the contactless communication.


Ease of use

Just a clic to generate a new acoustic payment signature.


Compatible POS

Turn any phone or tablet into a POS. 8.3 billions compatible devices.