Biometric card

Security by design

Match On Card

From the enrolment to the end use, your fingerprint never leaves the card. Your fingerprint data is stored in a secure element. Thanks to the embedded fingerprint reader and the rechargeable battery, everything is done onboard. 

Physical Access

Don't change your physical access readers. Add an extra level of security by using the biometric card. You just need to change your "plastic" cards by ours and that's done!

EMV / NFC Payment

Protect your card with your fingerprint. The card could be used for contact or contactless transactions. Release a payment or use an applet stored in the secure element easily.

Acoustic Authentication

Too many passwords to remember for each sites or applications: VPN, bank account, webmail?
When your fingerprint is recognised the biometric card sends OTP (One Time Password) each time you use the card.

Physical Access

Access is more than doorknobs and our biometric card adds unparalleled security and ease of use to traditional methods for accessing real-time data, networks, records, software, doors, buildings, countries, transportation and other secure areas quickly and accurately.

Are you using NFC,   MIFARE®* or MIFARE® DESFire* card ?
Do not change your access readers, do not change your infrastructure / back office .
Our cards are compliant with these protocols.

Simply, enrol your users on the biometric card, add the card to your system as you are doing it with "standard" cards. That's it!

* only available in v2.2

EMV / NFC Payment

Th biometric card adds unparalleled security and ease of use to traditional payment cards.
EMV and NFC technologies are embedded into the cards to comply with all point-of-sale readers*.  

Say goodbye to passwords and pins. Cardholders and issuers are protected from fraud, data hacks and erroneous vendor charges because the Fingerprint technology activates the card for a limited time only and no personal data is transmitted. Lost or stolen cards are useless.

Changing payments behaviour.

* only available in v2.2

Acoustic Authentication

Are you still using a login and password to access your VPN, banking account, websites or applications?

Tired to remember all your different passwords?

Thanks to the biometric card, no more passwords to remember.

Your fingerprint unlocks a dynamic acoustic signature that changes every time your finger is recognised.
It works on any phone, tablet or computer.

It can also be used through IVR.



Card format

The biometric card is ISO 7810 compliant and has passed all the required tests. The dimensions are exactly the same as your banking card.


Reader free

Thanks to the embedded battery, you do not rely on a contact or contactless reader to use the card.



A Touch sensor that makes all the difference. You can register up to two fingers. Very convenient it as easy to use it as the one you have in your phone.



Your fingerprint never leaves the card. Your fingerprint templates are stored in a secured element which is certified EAL 5+.



Because we are using a battery, you don't need a contact or contactless reader to use your card. You can use your card wherever you are, whenever you want.


Energy Harvesting

Never get caught without power. With so much ground-breaking technology onboard, the card will run low on charge occasionally. A portable charger is your safety net so your card continues to work always protects and makes life easier…



Unparalleled security and ease of use to traditional payment cards. Use your card on any devices: landline, smartphone, tablet and PC.



Your banking card protected by your fingerprint. Replace your pin code by your finger.

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