Cybertech ASIA

Philippe BLOT (CEO) will be present at Cybertech Asia.

The Cybertech Conference, a well-known brand in Israel where it originated, is expanding in to Asia for the first time.

The biometric card will be demoed on the booth.

Come and meet us.

Date: Tuesday 27th March - Wednesday 28th March 2018
Location: Singapore
Link: Cybertech Asia

Money 20/20 Asia

Philippe BLOT (CEO) will talk at money 20/20 Asia about Authentication of digital Identities.

"It’s one thing to link something in the real world to something in the virtual world, but how does the real world thing control access to the virtual world thing?"

Date: Thursday 15 March
Location: Singapore
Link: Money 20/20 Asia

Smart IOT Singapore

At Smart iOT Singapore,  Philippe BLOT will showcase the Biometric Card with its unique features:

  • Touch Biometric sensor
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Acoustic Authentication
  • NFC transactions

Smart IoT Singapore is primed to be the biggest showcase of innovative new technologies and solutions alongside an award winning conference programme encompassing the latest case studies and thought leaders from around the world.

Date: Wednesday, 11th and Thursday, 12th October 2017
Location: Singapore
Link: Smart IoT Singapore

India Fintech Awards Awards

The India FinTech Awards (IFTA) is a platform to celebrate and recognise the best innovations from fintech companies.
Philippe Blot will be speaking at the conference.

The MeReal Biometrics card (developped by UINT) has won the India Fintech Awards.