Gift Card

The perfect member card

Soundlights Card

The Soundlights Card with music and light effects is a standard certified card which:

  •  Sets you apart from the competition

  •  Makes your communication snappier and more attractive – Create the surprise !

Adds value to your cards

The customer will keep your card longer thanks to the enjoyment it provides.

Increase your revenue.

This musical card, a “novelty” on the gift market, will help you win over new customers.
It is the ideal gift that customers will want to keep!

Gift Card

Gift card for the 10th year of chinese company SHFFT

- Plays music

- Displays lights

- Good as a prepaid card for a birthday.

Member Card

- A huge market ($100 billion in revenue in sporting goods)

- Can play the club's official song (Jingle music)

- A loyalty card

Banking card for Gazprombank w/ Saint Petersburg anthem


- Music: Choose your own monophonic tune. This will be integrated into the card’s electronics as part of the manufacturing process. Then, just press the button to play the sound.

- Light: Your card’s electroluminescent diodes light it up in yellow, orange, red, and green.

Light placement: up to 8 LEDs.


- ISO 7810 ID1

- Magstripe

- QR Code



- 6 colour LEDs

- Speaker

- Button

- Polymer lithium battery 3V

- Material: PVC